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Adler, N.; Raveh, A. Presenting DEA graphically 2008 Omega 36 715-729
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Asmild, M.; Paradi, J.C.; Reese, D.N. Theoretical perspectives of trade-off analysis using DEA 2006 Omega 34 337-343
Asmild, M.; Pastor, J.T. Slack free MEA and RDM with comprehensive efficiency measures 2010 Omega 38 475-483
Avkiran, N.K. Opening the black box of efficiency analysis: An illustration with UAE banks 2009 Omega 37 930-941
Avkiran, N.K. Removing the impact of environment with units-invariant efficient frontier analysis: An illustrative case study with intertemporal panel data 2009 Omega 37 535-544
Avkiran, N.K.; Rowlands, T. How to better identify the true managerial performance: State of the art using DEA 2008 Omega 36 317-324