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Banker, R.D. Book Review: Improving Company Productivity: Handbook with Case Studies by John W. Kendrick 1988 Accounting Review 63 368-370
Banker, R.D.; Johnston, H.H. An Empirical Study of Cost Drivers in the U.S. Airline Industry 1993 Accounting Review 68 576-601
Callen, J.L.; Falk, H. Agency and Efficiency in Nonprofit Organizations: The Case of ’Specific Health Focus’ Charities 1993 Accounting Review 68 48-65
Hayes, R.D.; Millar, J.A. A rejoinder to measuring production efficiency in a not-for-profit setting: an extension 1993 Accounting Review 68 89-92
Mensah, Y.M.; Li, S.-H. Measuring Production Efficiency in a Not-for-Profit Setting: An Extension 1993 Accounting Review 68 66-88
Worthington, A.C.; Hurley, E.V. Cost efficiency in Australian general insurers: A non-parametric approach 2002 British Accounting Review 34 89-108