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Foroughi, A.A.; Jafari, Y. A modified method for constructing efficient solutions structure of MOLP 2009 Applied Mathematical Modelling 33 2403-2410
Foroughi, A.A.; Jones, D.F.; Tamiz, M. A selection method for a preferential election 2005 Applied Mathematics and Computation 163 107-116
Foroughi, A.A.; Tamiz, M. An effective total ranking model for a ranked voting system 2005 Omega 33 491-496
Hadi-Vencheh, A.; Foroughi, A.A. A generalized DEA model for inputs/outputs estimation 2006 Mathematical and Computer Modelling 43 447-457
Hadi-Vencheh, A.; Foroughi, A.A.; Soleimani-damaneh, M. A DEA model for resource allocation 2008 Economic Modelling 25 983-993
Jahanshahloo, G.R.; Foroughi, A.A. Efficiency analysis, generating an efficient extreme point for an MOLP, and some comparisons 2005 Applied Mathematics and Computation 162 991-1005
Jahanshahloo, G.R.; Vencheh, A.H.; Foroughi, A.A.; Matin, R.K. Inputs/outputs estimation in DEA when some factors are undesirable 2004 Applied Mathematics and Computation 156 19-32
Soleimani-damaneh, M.; Jahanshahloo, G.R.; Foroughi, A.A. A comment on ’Measuring super-efficiency in DEA in the presence of infeasibility’ 2006 European Journal of Operational Research 170 323-325