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Amin, G.R.; Emrouznejad, A. An extended minimax disparity to determine the OWA Operator weights 2006 Computers and Industrial Engineering 50 312-316
Emrouznejad, A. Measurement efficiency and productivity in SAS/OR 2005 Computers and Operations Research 32 1665-1683
Emrouznejad, A. An alternative DEA measure: a case of OECD countries 2003 Applied Economics Letters 10 779-782
Emrouznejad, A.; Amin, G.R. DEA models for ratio data: Convexity consideration 2009 Applied Mathematical Modelling 33 486-498
Emrouznejad, A.; Anouze, A.L. A note on the modeling the efficiency of top Arab banks 2009 Expert Systems with Applications 36 5741-5744
Emrouznejad, A.; Green, R.H.; Krivonozhko, V. Efficiency and Productivity Analysis in the 21st Century. International DEA Symposium 2002, 24-26 June 2002, Moscow (proceedings) 2002
Emrouznejad, A.; Parker, B.R.; Tavares, G. Evaluation of research in efficiency and productivity: A survey and analysis of the first 30 years of scholarly literature in DEA 2008 Socio-Economic Planning Sciences 42 151-157